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Carolin is known for floral design and concept driven installations using natural resources of any kind.

Grown up in the black forest and now based in Berlin, she is expressing all the influences of a big city 

combined with her deep love for nature into a unique style of flower arrangements and floral installations.


The field of her artwork lays at the crossroads between the urban man made environment and pure wildness.

She is fascinated by the relationship between humanity and nature. Is it humanity that is depending on nature but threatening it so much at the same time.

Carolin attempts to bring the fragility and vulnerability

of nature back to focus to celebrate its unique beauty. 


After learning and executing all the basics of floral design for several years in Germany and Australia,

Carolin became officially a masterflorist in 2016. 

She graduated the international masterschool 

Academy of Flowerdesign in Zurich where she got triple awarded.


Nowadays, with the experience of more than 10 years, Carolin is working with her team in her Berlin based studio 

specialised in floral styling, botanical set design and floral installations.


She is driven by natures endless potential of fascinating shapes and colors which leads to a constant flow 

of new and exiting projects.

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